Saturday, January 24, 2009


Another week of 20 degree weather, overcast skies, and old crusty snow. So, what to do? This is the time of year that if you want life to be exciting you have to make fun for yourself or get really excited about events that or only slightly less mundane. Anyway this week's highlights besides Dusty's superbly designed trianer rides were the giant batch of chocolate milk that I made and Friday's lunch at the MT Club. I wanted to make something delicious to drink for post-trainer rides so I mixed an entire gallon of milk with a whole container of Ovaltine. The fact that I even care to write about this is a testament to my week.

So the other highlight was Friday's lunch at the MT Club. Matty, Bryce, JDunph and I went there to surprise Ivy and lunched with her after she punched out. Really no special reason at all besides we're excited that she is officially signed up for classes and ready to race for UM. Also, I'm especially glad the guys made it out even after a filling Man's Breakfast Club

Me: Bryce, we're going to surprise Ivy at work tommorrow.

Bryce: Why, is it her birthday?

Me: No.

That about sums up my week...absolutely riveting I know.

Untill next time,

Lindsy B Campbell

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