Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hola Amigos!

After a cramped 8 hr flight, a much too complicated arrival back in the states and leaving family members back in a mexican hospital, Im ready to roll! (after a much anticipated last hurrah in Whitefish that is, Congrats Shaun and Cassidy!). Jan. 5th looks to be the date for dawning the bibs and starting the season off right. for two reasons mainly: its not Jan 1st or 2nd and NRO trainer rides begin at Tamara's. 

On the UM home front, we have a few schedules to iron out with Dusty and Ruby and then a series of rides will begin for the team and those who wish to find out more!

A few things to note:

-2008 Junior National cyclocross champ Zach Mcdonald is from my hometown and believe me, the full court press is being put on him to come to UM. 
-Look forward to introductions of each rider for this coming season! 
- The New Year Celebration to be at this year: Big Mountain, Whitefish

Thursday, December 18, 2008

East Coast time...

After a snowy cold stay in Chicago I landed on the east coast today and am ready to rep the ol' block. The only thoughts about bikes I have had between fleeing a subzero Missoula, surviving a snowy, slightly above zero Chicago, and landing in the Philly airport were,

1. "I am glad I don't have to stay in Missoula in this cold and not ride my bike."

2. "I am glad there are really good trains in Chicago and I don't have to rely on the Udash (not related to bikes directly I suppose.)

3. "Damn that bicycle pizza delivery guy, who looks really hip, riding his fixie with slicks through six inches of snow and ice who just ran into the back of that bus slow motion style should have read Tack's post about studded tires/ get a pair stat and look even hipper."

However, now that I am here I wouldn't mind having a roadie to tool around on in this mild weather - the roads are dry and the temp is hovering in the mid 40s....

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to watch lots of high school basket ball, hit happy hour at the bar, and generally try to be the charming son I am supposed to.

Until next time,


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Riding the Trainer

Today for the first time in two weeks I rode my bike. I cleaned up the drivetrain on the old C-dale, set up the hypermag, put on some music, and got after it. By got after it I mean I spun on a mid cog in the easiest setting for an hour and a half, but felt fast as all hell.

So I was riding my trainer...naturally I had lots to think about. As I was about 40 mins into my ride singing at the top of my lungs I started to wonder how goofy I must look to the neighbors who were looking at me through the window. I then started to wonder how goofy every other cyclist in the world must look during a solo trainer ride - spandexed out with not hairy, but fuzzy legs, riding a bike but for some reason going nowhere....

Anyway, I want to know what other people's trainer rides consist of. I want to know music choice, intensity, times per week, and any other relative info that makes your trainer routine original and fun.

January is coming up quickly and so is the beginning of the UM cycling "get scary fast stat" season. We need to know what trainer workouts you like, what music you like to listen to while you do them, movies you watch, and general ideas to keep off dreary Jan.

Let us know what you do on your trainer, and we'll let you know how it went for us...

Spin 'em up,


Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Wish List

Just as the Christmas holiday is about ridiculously svelte sweaters and large quantities of hot buttered rum, so is it about the Christmas wish list. Pretty soon I am going put on a sweater, sip hot buttered rum, and make a wreath tied up with a red ribbon for the door, but first I thought I better come up with my list.

First, the 1/4 zip cashmere sweater from Patagonia, one of our sponsors for the 2009 season. This sweater keeps you warm while being fashionable enough to wear to almost any function the coming holidays can throw at you. Put this on, run your hands through your hair, and just know...

Second on the list are the boots to wear with the sweater, again from Patagonia. When I first caught a glimpse of these I did a double take. It wasn't until after I read the description, however, that I knew I had to have them..."simple pull-on boots make winter trips to the woodpile easy, and the Wollemi's all-leather upper and natural wool lining trick feet into feeling like they've never left the warmth of the fire."

Thirdly, we finally have something for the bike. At a recent luncheon Mr. Radley turned me on to these babies. I am not an expert on road wheels by any means, but the weight of these for the price is the best I have ever seen. My bike is on the heavier side by today's standards, so these would buy me speed. Also, they are white, matching perfectly with the last item on my list.

I do not need new shoes. I never need new shoes. For some reason, however, I always end up with new shoes. These are my next pair. Plain and simple Italian brilliance. I only wish they made a street version of these so I would never have to take them off save, of course, for when I was making a trip to the wood pile.

Happy Wish List making,


Monday, December 8, 2008

Comin' In Hot

Bikes are flying off showroom floors, the hum of a trainer is becoming all too familiar, and the Tri Team is noticing a rapid decline in interest.  We've all heard the talk lately and boy is it getting everyone excited. UM Cycling is making a comeback, and coming back BIG! 

I couldn't be more excited for what's to come. We have had a great turn out and huge boost in interest this fall. With the likes of Brent Ruby and Dusty Slivka behind us, nothing short of being scary fast is possible. All while wearing cashmere sweaters of course.

Stay tuned for reports on preseason training and off season trash talking, 

Bryce Demontluzin Daviess 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Photos from fall cycling

A big thanks to Charlie for the great shots she took of us this fall...

Team Photo

This is the closest thing to a team photo I have. I am working on getting more, Charlie has tons from her shoots of us this fall. I just have to not forget the CD she already made the next time I see her.



New Blog

A new site for the University of Montana cycling club has been created! Yours truely has been at the creation process of this master work for about 27 minutes - blogspot is dummy proof.

Anyway, not sure yet on what the expanded purpose of this communication portal will be - I'll leave that up to chance, so make it what ya will folks.

If you have anything to say, and I mean anything at all, that would or would not be of any remote interest to anyone viewing this blog please send it to me and I will post it. Also, if anyone else wants to be an admin. and have the power trip/ego boost of a lifetime, let me know, I'll sign ya up.

That's it for now, I need to do real work,

'till soon,