Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hola Amigos!

After a cramped 8 hr flight, a much too complicated arrival back in the states and leaving family members back in a mexican hospital, Im ready to roll! (after a much anticipated last hurrah in Whitefish that is, Congrats Shaun and Cassidy!). Jan. 5th looks to be the date for dawning the bibs and starting the season off right. for two reasons mainly: its not Jan 1st or 2nd and NRO trainer rides begin at Tamara's. 

On the UM home front, we have a few schedules to iron out with Dusty and Ruby and then a series of rides will begin for the team and those who wish to find out more!

A few things to note:

-2008 Junior National cyclocross champ Zach Mcdonald is from my hometown and believe me, the full court press is being put on him to come to UM. 
-Look forward to introductions of each rider for this coming season! 
- The New Year Celebration to be at this year: Big Mountain, Whitefish


UM Cycling said...

I can't wait to burn off some of these holiday pounds - the fifth it is!

Also, jackets are probably in...can't wait to put the windshield to the test...

Wes Furlong said...

Zach McDonald? As in Zach McDonald who raced in Europe at Cross Worlds and is from Seattle area? Cause if it is I used to race with him...