Monday, March 23, 2009

UM Cycling - Race One - Corvallis/Eugene

This past weekend an incredibly mangy crew from Missoula headed out to Oregon to race some bikes, and soak up the balmy (relatively speaking) temps. I am going to try to give an accurate glimpse of the weekend, and then work in a little Radley blog end style...enjoy.

We had some wins! That's right, we had two Ws this weekend, as well as top tens and serious workers aplenty. In her race debut Lindsy Cambell (aka Squiggles), after realizing she didn't have to be, "so nervous she was going to puke," killed the women's C field by going solo with her mean face on up the final climb to close the gap on the leader and steal the victory. If you didn't already know, LC can climb.

Also, John (aka -ney on the spot) took a 15 mile solo flyer, climbing and then descending like the devil to take the men's D field. He said he hurt really bad afterwards, but got the upgrade over night.

Ivy had a super consistent weekend with a 5th place Crit finish and a 6th place RR finish in the C field. Ivy and Charlie (who just got off the snow and onto her bike two weeks ago), did work early allowing LC to get set in the front group. The NWCCC ladies I fear are going to get sick of the steady hurt Ivy can dish out on any course by the time May rolls around.

Agner finished 8th in the D RR after helping John get away, and then lit up the D crit with a 3rd place finish helped along by the diesel Daviess brings out to play with. Bryce mechanical-ed in the RR but was ready to go on Sunday. With a big grin on his face Bryce pulled the field around slowly shattering it for about 20 of the 30 minutes they were racing, all the while waving, (I think with his A game downtown wave), at the fans. Roltastic put on a sweet show in the crit groupetto after mechanical-ing out of the RR, and Levon had a good showing as well.

I ate all of my food during the RR and so was a little hungry during what turned out to be a surprisingly long race. A group of four got off the front that never got caught, but thanks to Dusty's voice yelling at me somewhere in my head I was able to get second out of the group at the top of the final climb. The crit was fun - I forgot how scary they can be.

All in all we had a great weekend. People put on shows, grabbed Ws, learned how to race, and even caught some romance in a dusty Oregon rest-stop. Let's hope for more of the same next week in Bellingham/Seattle.

I wonder if Rollo brushed his teeth...

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Start to Our Season

My merry Peddle Pushers,

All of the the riding/trash talking/planning we have been doing this winter is really neither here nor there. The here and the there boil down exclusively to the reintroduction, by UM cycling alumnus Shaun Radley, of the Taco Wednesday Time Trial series. Come and show everyone what you are made of!

I want to see some of you out there, including Wes in his skin suit with aero wheels on. Let's get some...Also, TWTT will never be canceled due to weather, unless the powers that be explicitly say. This means if you don't hear anything there is no need to ask, even if there is a foot of snow, because TWTT is still on.

Below is an intro note from Shaun.

Always and forever,


Dear UM Cyclists & Triathletes,

My name is Shaun Radley. I think I've met most of you. I was a 3 year member of UM Cycling and captain in 2007. I'm writing today to inform you of a UM Cycling tradition.

This coming Wednesday is the first Taco Wednesday Time Trial of the year. The Taco Wednesday Time Trial has been ridden by the best UM cyclists and triathletes. It's a great way to test your fitness and hang out with other team members. You can ride as a team or individuals (or both). Sense it's a short course I encourage riders to race individually and as a team. After the time trial we will be eating tacos at Elliot Bessette's house in the Rattlesnake.

Now for the juicy stuff:

- Wednesday official start time is 5:30 (you can start earlier if you'd like just email me)
- Meeting place is the Luther Church parking lot in the Rattlesnake (just after the 90 degree right hand turn)
- Prizes for top female and top male and anyone who beats their best time
- 5 week series, with overall winners, dates: 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 4/1
- Points go 10 deep
- 4 mile out and back course
- Course records - Phil Grove 12:54, Jen Nerrison 13:33

Message from the record holder:

"Can anyone touch my SMOKIN TTTT RECORD? All i keep hearing is how UM is stronger than ever, lets see what you guys got (lil matty, bryce d, J. Dunph)! I remain" -Pipo

Hope to see you out!