Monday, January 26, 2009

And So it Begins...

Happy First Day Back UM Cycling  Folks!

Today marks the beginning of our of our climb to the top! Take good notes, dazzle a teacher or two,  before you know it we'll be skipping class to head west and put our hard work to the test. 

Thank you to everyone who made it out on Thursday...Yes all 16! of you!!! These Tuesday Thursday "Pain Cave Visits" will continue all the way up until we start racing. If you are thinking about racing with the Grizzlies this year, getting on the bike now is key! Again, 7:00 in the WPEM LAb every Tuesday and Thursday. 

spread the word, rumor has it he have 24 interested riders, lets get 'em out!

Something to look forward to: Celebrity Riders have been scheduled to join these rides to give both insight and advice to the collegiate scene and road racing in general. 

Welcome to UM Ivy!

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