Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Group Ride of 2009!

After getting home today, I felt the need to share thoughts on my first group ride of 2009. Don't worry, a post from LC will be in the top position again before you know it.

It was cold when I woke up. The frozen fog hanging just above the treetops made me shiver just looking out the window. I was feeling hesitant about layering on the spandex and getting back on the saddle after an unusually warm holiday season. Anyway, we rolled out a little after 1pm towards east Missoula. We only had to brave the freezing fog for about 10 minutes before we broke out and were greeted with bluebird skies and warmer temps that lasted the rest of the ride, (until we got back within 10 minutes of town).

Other than the crazy change of weather, the ride went off without much fanfare. Nice slow base miles to start the season. I know the weather is going to get nasty again, but starting the season off with lots of riders, who are as stoked as me for whats to come, will make these next few weeks of training go much more smoothly than they would otherwise. I can't wait for spring!


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