Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow and Such

So basically, yesterday was my twenty-first birthday. I did it right and went DT with a mangy crew of some of Missoula's finest and it was great. And by that I mean it was really fun. However, there is one detail that I had been planning that I was not able to see through. You see, today I was planning on riding my Madone to hang-over freedom OUTSIDE. This was to be the best birthday activity of all but was deemed not an option by me with the snow storm and such. Instead I was forced to eat scrambled eggs and groan about my kidneys while I watched the snow blow in and cover my birthday wishes in a damp blanket of disappointment. Oh well such is life. I guess this means I'll be showing my twenty-one year old face at the Lab tonight for more pain cave spelunking. I hope the music is good. And by that I mean I hope its cheesy rap music.

1 comment:

UM Cycling said...

I am sad old man winter up and denied you and the new bike. Maybe this weekend for a ride outside? I hear it is supposed to be nice.

Also, any ideas for a name yet?