Tuesday, October 27, 2009

UM Cycling Fuels Rolling Thunder

For those who have been living under a rock or don't know what VeloNews is, this past Saturday was Rolling Thunder, a day of cyclocross racing ending with a race under the lights. All of this mostly powered by UM Cycling's patriarch Shaun Radley. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to be a part of this event by feeding the Thunder hamburgers, beer, and home-made cookies. It was a good fundraiser for UM cycling with the grills going non-stop from the kids' race to the podium at the end of the elite men's race. We had a great location right in the action, with a superior view of the finish and the barriers where we could cheer our UM comrades on. In the first-timers race, future UM cyclist Luke Juras looked strong coming in first followed by another recruit. Bryce's lil' sister Meredith came in second for the ladies. We were excited to see the newbies out racing and looking at home on the bike. There were many Griz kits in the men's 4 race and I almost lost my voice because I had to cheer so much. Josh Goldberg, Jens McAller, Agner and Wes represented us well giving a wink and a nod as they passed the BBQ pit. However, the UM result of the day came from Johnny Montana who led the race almost from start to finish but was passed at the very end (ironically by someone from John's "team": Fitzgerald's bicycles). John ended up in second by a hair: a great result from a completely stacked men's field. Johnny brought home some W's for UM Cycling last year and we hope to see much more of him this coming spring.

Here's Chez wondering if he'll be able to hit the high "C"

It was a great day for UM Cycling showing talent and enthusiasm for the upcoming season. We would like to thank montanacyclocross.com for letting us set up and Finley Pt Orchard Management for jump-starting the fundraiser.

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